Specialist Decontamination and Disinfection Services

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Confirmed or Suspected Case of COVID-19 less than 72 hours
(Decontamination Service)

In the instance you have a confirmed or suspected coronavirus case we arrange a survey of the area/site affected. Following this we will then be able to provide a decontamination proposal. We require an area of quarantine on site providing where there has been no risk of exposure to the virus. This will allow our team to prepare PPE and store equipment/chemicals and waste disposal units. This would be carried out by a two technician team, we will attend, set up a quarantine area and wear full PPE and RPE to conduct a survey. This will then enable us to quote.

Decontamination, Clean & Disinfection Service consists of:

• Site Survey
• Touchpoint clean and disinfection of all areas
• Fogging with disinfectant of all areas
• Waste Removal from site to incineration centre.


Confirmed or Suspected COVID-19 Cases Older than (72 hours)
(Specialist Disinfection Service)

The government have changed their stance on confirmed cases, the guidelines essentially state that if a building with a confirmed case of COVID19 has been empty for 72 hours, it can be treated as normal
specialist deep cleaning work. We can provide a deep cleaning service to all affected areas, including completing our fogging treatment. This option can be used for customers with confirmed cases, if you are prepared to close down your buildings.

Specialist Disinfection service consists of:

• Telephone Survey or Site Survey
• Touchpoint clean and disinfection
• Fogging with disinfectant
• Waste Removal from site to incineration centre


Precautionary Clean (No Confirmed or Suspected Cases)
(Specialist Disinfection Service)

This is a service we are offering to businesses who would like to enhance their cleaning regime. We are offering high contact touch point cleaning and a fogging treatment with a sterilising agent. This is a Specialist Disinfection Service. We would attend site to complete a free survey and be able to provide costings and recommendations.

Specialist Disinfection service consists of:

• Telephone Survey
• Touchpoint clean and disinfection (Touch Point Clean is Optional) (Critical Touch Points only)
• Fogging with disinfectant
• Waste Removal from site to incineration centre


Contingency Survey – No Confirmed or Suspected Cases

This is planning for premises with no suspected or confirmed cases – a survey report is produced for you and hold on file. If you then have a suspected case, we can then move quickly to dispatch a team. Again
two technicians would attend to conduct the survey. This will give you the cost should you have a case in the future and you will need to sign an agreement confirming the area is not a suspected or confirmed Covid-19 area prior to attendance.

Contingency Planning:

• Site Survey Only
• Site Specific Quotation
• Site Specific RAM’s
• Written Contingency Plan


# Our Promise #

We aim to complete initial surveys within 48hrs of receiving the request and then mobilise decontamination process within 5 working days however it is all dependant on demand at that time. Further the current process is subject to change at any timeas guidance remains fluid.

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