Maintenance, Testing & Compliance

Plumbing & Electrical

We cover a wide range of things within the plumbing and electrical department, this is all done by our trained and qualfied engineers that give a fantastic service.

Some of the Plumbing and Electrical areas we cover:

  • Fixing of pipes
  • Boiler repairs and installation
  • Fixing leaks
  • Replacement of transformers
  • Rewiring

What is a Handyman service?

A Handyman is someone who can help you with a variety of small different tasks in different areas such as offices, commercial and building maintenance. We can help provide handmen for a one off problem with short notice as well as providing a handyman on a more regular basis.

A handyman does tasks such as:

  • Repair work
  • Odd jobs
  • Decorating
  • Building maintenance

Compliance Maintenance

Compliance Maintenance and testing is to help ensure that your building is following all the rules and laws that soround commercial buildings and maintenance.

What is involved in Compliance Maintenance and testing?

  • Light Testing
  • PAT Testing
  • Fire Risk Testing
  • Air Conditioning Testing
  • Electrical Wiring Inspections to assure your building is safe
  • Gas Testing for compliance
  • Water Testing
  • Pest Control

Legionella Water Risk Assessing

Water quality analysis is essential to cleanliness and is achieved through good hygiene procedures but can only be verified through testing, analysis and comparison to known standards. These standards are set by the relevant regulatory bodies in each field, notably the Health and Safety Executive (HSE), the Drinking Water Inspectorate (DWI) and Environmental Health Officers.

These authorities set the parameters for good water hygiene as set out in the ACoP L8, HSG274 and Water Supply Regulations. Water quality analysis sampling is required to ensure compliance and this must be carried out by a competent person.

In addition to the control of Legionella and other bacteria in water systems (E.g. E.coli, Coliforms, Pseudomonas and Total Viable Count). We are able to carry out a wide range of tests such as Water quality analysis on the physical and organic chemistry of the water

Using them in combination, allows us not only to examine the quality of the water but also to make comparisons and distinctions between samples. Our sampling is carried out to BS7592:2008 and processed at a UKAS accredited laboratory for full traceability.

PAT Testing

Routine inspections help ensure your premises is ahead of the curve when it comes to health and safety and on-going security on the workplace. From PAT Testing to the assessment of all electrical machinery, security lighting and wiring, look no further than Blu-Lite Electrical Services for low cost assessments and certification of power in your property.

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