We at Guardianship Services Ltd recognise that in the current climate the protection of the public is of the up most importance, with our work in the public domain we pay special attention to the health and safety risks and the threat terrorism places on the public as well as our clients and staff.

We all have a responsibility more so than ever in the current pandemic to ensure a safe environment for public health by means of ensuring all COVID procedures are followed by all staff and visitors to client premises.

We aim to promote and encourage a safe and healthy environment for all at all times.

We are running training programmes to ensure all staff are trained in the areas of Anti-Counter Terrorism (ACT) and Behavioural Detection Awareness.
We also encourage all Staff and clients/associates to install the ACT App to ensure they receive the latest threat news alerts to help them in their task with protection of the public.

The aim of our company and all our staff must always be to be vigilant and actively protect in areas that could potentially cause harm to our clients, our client’s property and to the public at all times.

Working together to create more awareness is our Aim , keeping the public safe means working together!

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